Healthier foods

Ing. Eduardo Hernandez Paredes // Jr. Research & Development MINSA

A deficient diet, the lack of physical activity and stress has led to an alarming increase in recent years in the number of overweight and obese people, to the point where it can be considered an epidemic.

The consequences are worrisome. Obesity triggers chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that cause serious and incurable deterioration in health.

Given this reality, policies aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle, sports and a healthier diet are being established. This, in turn is generating new developments in the food and beverage industry that favor the creation of products that are healthy and palatable to the taste of today’s consumer.

Today, consumers are interested in a larger number of healthy products; however, they are not inclined to downplay the importance of one of the most important characteristics:  flavor.

A key priority at Minsa is helping the food industry make it easy for consumers to choose a healthy lifestyle; whether they are seeking foods that contain a functional ingredient with a health benefit or they simply desire to improve the nutritional quality of their diet.

That is why we specialize in offering variety in our nixtamalized corn flours, such as: those with organic ingredients, high fiber content, cactus and flax, gourmet flavors, etc., all of them with the benefit supplied by the whole grain, which is also an excellent source of calcium. Without compromising flavor, we offer confidence, safety and complete service of a product tailor made for health.


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